This is where it all began.  As with any artist, you struggle to find what really motivates you.  There are many things you can paint that make you happy, but when you find the subject matter that drives your passion, the result can be amazing! I wanted my first painting of this style to be very special so I completely redecorated my bedroom for this scene.  I originally started this painting knowing it was just a rough draft for my new direction.  I picked a small canvas and drew out my idea.  Only one problem, I couldn't put it down!  Three months later finished it.  I never meant for anyone to see it as I did this as a prep for Romance de la Noche.

It now hangs in the actual room the painting was referenced from!

Reticencia Illuminada

11" x 14" Glossy Photo Print $30.00  

11" x 14" Canvas Giclee $75.00