Esperando 36" x 48"


This painting is from a local place in Costa Mesa by Triangle Square.  It is the old Spanish Style Executive suite building on Newport Blvd.  With special permission I was able to use it as a backdrop for this painting.  You wouldn't know that the door is facing 19th street, and that their are cars racing by off of Newport.  I met the model a few years ago at a restaurant where she was serving.  We have since become good friends.  She is a very caring person, and this last Christmas I got to be a part of an Idea of hers.  Everyday she passes by the same Mexican flower girl standing by the freeway off ramp.  On Christmas eve she asked  me to drive her to where the girl was, and she bought all of her flowers, and sent her home early.  Ill never forget the look on the girls face when she said "all of the flowers?".  We then spent the rest of the day passing out the flowers to friends and relatives.  Look closely at the initials on the column holding the flowers, they are hers.  

16" x 20" Limited Editions  1-250 Canvas Giclee   $300.00

30" x 40" Limited Edition 1-95 Canvas Giclee $950.00